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Advantages to the Stormwater Community Assistance Program

1. Cost effective

2. Easy to implement

3. Meets regulatory muster

4. Professional quality materials

5. Consistent and engaging message

6. Education helps improve water quality

7. Saves your municipality time and money

8. Effective in any community in any watershed

The “Stormwater Matters” logo visually depicts the message that stormwater affects water quality. Year after year, SWCAP outreach materials instill in the community a momentum of increased understanding and recognition of stormwater issues.
SWCAP materials are significantly less expensive than creating educational tools using your own staff or consultants. By serving the needs of multiple communities, SWCAP experiences economies of scale and passes those savings on to the municipalities.
If your municipality has already contracted out your stormwater work, you could still use SWCAP for the outreach and participation requirements and redirect more of your consultant’s budget to the other four stormwater minimum control measures.

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