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Stormwater is the runoff water after it rains or snows. Stormwater picks up litter, bacteria, chemicals, sand, and other debris as it flows over the land and into storm drains; and it carries these pollutants to our streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands, and the ocean. Cleaner stormwater means cleaner water for drinking, swimming, fishing, boating and for protecting wildlife.

Stormwater pollution is difficult to control as it is literally everywhere and caused by everyone. Between the weather effects of climate change and the results of development increasing the amount of impermeable surfaces (hence the larger amount of stormwater or runoff), managing stormwater is becoming an environmental and social issue of increasing magnitude.

Because we all have an impact on our landscape, we all contribute to stormwater pollution. Simply by putting fewer pollutants on the land, we can help keep stormwater clean, and in turn, improve our local water quality. By GREENING our stormwater habits, we can keep our waterways BLUE!

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